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First envisioned in September 2O2O, with the first batch brewed in January 2O21.  It is an all-electric 7.5hL brew system with 3 x 15hL and 2 x 8hL fermenting tanks, capable of producing up 60 kegs, (3OOOL) per week in total. The tanks were all specifically designed to fit into one 40-foot shiping container, so to add to the theme of the venue located in the heart of Fremantle.  The combination of fermenter sizes gives us the flexibility to produce good amounts of our 3-4 stock beers with the larger tanks, and at the same time experiment continuously using the smaller 8OOL tanks.


Dan and Geoff Goddard are identical twins… seriously they are “dead ringers” so don’t ask us to tell them apart. They not only look alike and think alike, they are both scientists by trade and have found a way to combine that double focused love of the cosmos with their equal passion for a great frothy beer.

20 years ago using an old fridge and a couple of big souppots, they started brewing for themselves in their back yard. Since those humble beginnings, they have combined their formidable scientific knowledge to create a range of unique beers, each with it’s own unique story. If you want to know how a brewery works or how the fermentation takes place at a microscopic level, look no further.

Our latest venture "Calamity's Rod" is a culmination of the last 2 decades of continuous research and experimentation in the brewing field. Still a relatively small operation, Calamity's Rod will aim to provide only a very small range of fixed 'stock standard beers', with far more emphasis on continuing experimentation with ingredients, recipes and techniques on a brew-by-brew basis, to keep everyone excited.